Real Estate Portfolio Management

We, at Anicetus Realty Private Limited with our extensive experience in the real estate domain are experts in real estate portfolio management. Our superior management of assets ensures optimum optimisation of the value of properties and appropriate risk-adjusted returns. Our services include the following:

Investment Sales Services

The Anicetus Investment team helps clients in choosing the best assets that include city towers to city laneways, land to retail shopping centres, industrial warehouses to luxury apartments and offers creative solutions for wealth building. We represent our clients in the acquisition, ownership and disposition of wealth producing properties. Our comprehensive property analysis and our creative approach allows in the rapid acceleration of the value of your financial portfolio. Our specialised knowledge and expertise in sales extends across every sector of real estate market including:

  • Office
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Hotel
  • Industrial & Logistics
  • Land


  • Enhanced ability to manage risk
  • Accelerate transaction velocity
  • Improved portfolio cost control and cost reduction

Market Research

Effective market research is essential for any successful business endeavour. Our research team conducts thorough market research, ranging from data collection to comprehensive market analysis of assets and offers our clients the best choices in the market. We are in partnership with a number of local partners and provide our clients with the necessary guidance and market intelligence required for practical business decisions. We provide multi-level support across all property types and our well-researched strategy is ideal for asset acquisition.


  • Real time Market Data → Creates Opportunities
  • Forecasting and Market Analysis → Competitive Advantage
  • Global Reach → Increased Exposure

Valuation and advisory services

Anicetus Realty also offers valuation and advisory services to our clients. Our wide experience and thorough understanding of valuation related issues allow us to meet client specific needs and offer the best solutions. We offer customised appraisals for specialty real estate including hotels, resorts, multi-residential developments and provide valuation services in the following:

  • Single asset and portfolio valuations
  • Lease and cost analysis
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Investment analysis
  • Highest and best use studies


  • Complete understanding of assets value
  • Anticipate change and proactively respond to market conditions
  • Mitigate exposure to volatility in the equity and debt markets